Cue Sport Trial Class



There  are a variety of games to choose from when it comes to cue sports. Pool or pyramid Pool is played on a 9 foot by 4.5 foot table. It is a great game for beginners. Snooker is a points based game typically played on a 12 foot by 6 foot table. Billiards is played with only 3 balls also on a 12 foot table and can be played in either points format or time format. You can book a trial class now by using the form above and get started.


What to expect in the trial class: (45 mins – 1hr)

  • Instruction about the basics
  • Grip  (how to hold the cue)
  • Bridge (placing the cue on the table)
  • Stance
  • Cue action
  • Aiming
  • Potting

What should you bring to the trial class:

  • Some water
  • Personal cue ( if you have one, Buddys will provide you with a choice of cues otherwise)
  • A smile